Review: Waiting to Breathe (The Blue Series #2) by Chelle C. Craze



When the stage lights dim and the spotlight surrounds you, do you perform for the world? Giving it your best effort to deceive every eye upon you into believing everything is fine. On the other hand, would the pressure cripple you, bare and broken, waiting to breathe?

Dartanya Waters finds herself constantly putting on a masquerade for everyone around her. On the outside, everyone sees her as a happy, quirky twenty-one year old. Internally, she buries her thoughts, hiding her fears behind a fake smile and false confidence. Panic flows through her veins, and no one knows the horror threatening her sanity and life on a daily basis.

She is every man’s fantasy, and every woman wants to be her. That is, except her. She would give anything to rewrite her story and live tomorrow carefree, but for her, that isn’t possible.

When the walls of her life finally fall and she has to fight to the surface, Nate Daniels is there to pull her from the wreckage. He’s searching for the one thing he’s never let go of. Love. He is stubborn, bold, and the only constant in her life that gives her hope.

How much time and sorrow will pass before she forgets who she is and she loses herself completely? The ultimatum the two face is to find their happily ever after or drown in the sea of lies Dartanya spreads
throughout their relationship.

The path they follow is up to them…or is it?

My Review:


Waiting to Breathe by Chelle C. Craze was an emotional roller coaster!!

This is the story of Dartanya Waters popularly known as Dar and Nathan Daniels aka Nate. You might have met Dar before in the first book of Blue Series-Just Breathe as the heroine’s spontaneous,cool and protective bff/roommate and Nate as the hero’s asshole brother you were confused about, if you haven’t read it yet I suggest you read it immediately because it’s an awesome book and I loved it.

Dartanya has been through so much pain and as I kept on reading my heart went out to her. The story switches from present to flashes from 5 years back simultaneously. Nate is so different than I imagined him to be from the first book, I was surprised by the intensity of his feelings towards Dar. Although I felt like screaming at him to suck it up and be a man at some parts of the books because he is like an injured puppy when it comes to Dar.

I liked this book, it’s darker than the previous book but it was a little too sad for my taste and my fragile heart can only take so much but all’s well that ends well! Waiting for the third book to come out!! 🙂



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