6 Days and a New Logan Hottie for Hump Day

Olivia Cunning's Blog

You know, the guy I posted as Logan’s look-alike last Wednesday never grabbed me as OMG THAT’S LOGAN!! He’s close, but not a perfect lickness (I mean to type likeness, but I’m keeping that typo…). So of course, after I publicly post pictures of him, I have an OMG THAT’S LOGAN moment a few days later, when the lovely Tammy S. posts a collage of THIS guy on my Facebook wall.

Logan 1

Now this. This is what Logan looks like. And he even plays guitar. It has a couple of extra strings, but who can count when he’s gazing at you?

Logan 2

And he actually smiles! Logan’s flirty, perfect smile.

Logan 3

Sexy, confident, athletic, and a little silly. Okay, a LOT silly. That’s Logan.

Logan silly

Too bad he’s missing the tattoos, but we’ll forgive him. Who couldn’t forgive this smile?

Logan 4

Or this ass. DAYAM!

Logan 5If you need to do more ogling, his real name…

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